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Con una gran fortaleza tecnológica, innovación y responsabilidad social, nuestra compañía ha ganado muchos títulos en los últimos años. A continuación se presentan los certificados:
1. Certificado ISO 9001:2008
2. Certificados de patentes
3. Empresa nacional de alta tecnología
4. Certificado de Donación de la Cruz Roja China
5. Certificados Rohs y PFOS
6. Asociación de promoción de crédito empresarial de Beijing, Zhongguancun.

As a professional manufacturer of glass cutting tools, PCD/PCBN cutting tools, diamond die blanks, PCD saw blade and CVD diamond, based in China, Worldia provides a comprehensive range of products, including high penetration diamond scribing wheel, PCD/PCBN insert, PCD reamer, diamond die blank, and more.

Main Products
  • Carbide Scribing WheelsCarbide scribing wheel uses special tungsten alloy material. It is manufactured with unique high precision processing technology.
    The special tungsten alloy material, which is ...
  • Diamond AxlesThe diamond axle features high precision. The precision of its abrasive resistance, cylindricity, diameter and length has been strictly examined.
    The strong suitability ...
  • Carbide AxlesThe carbide axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications to be used to cut glasses.
    As a kind of high precision wear resistant part, the carbide axle can be ...
  • Nikken Glass CuttersThe Nikken glass cutter and tungsten carbide scribing wheel have a history of more than one hundred years. The products of Nikken cover many fields, including LCDs, touch screens, substrates, ...
  • PCD InsertsThe PCD insert can be used in many fields including aviation, the car industry, energy equipment, and the wood and stone industry. It can be used to cut and process different materials ...