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Self-Supported Diamond Die Blank

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Self-Supported Diamond Die Blank

The self-supported diamond die blank uses our own patent technology to conduct one side polishing. We also use unique checkout equipment to test the PCD material. We can guarantee the quality of the PCD material used to manufacture the die blank.

1. The self-supported diamond die blank has a regular and compact microstructure.
2. The self-supported diamond die blank rarely sees the abnormal grow of grains.
3. The diamond die blank features easy grinding, easy polishing and high smooth finish.
4. The product features long service life.
5. The self-supported diamond die blank is particularly suitable for high speed wire drawing.

The self-supported diamond die blank is used to draw copper wire, aluminum wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless wire and coated steel wire.

Technical Specifications
Specification of Self- supported Diamond Die Blank
ADDMA No. Product No. Dimensions (mm) Available Grain Size (μm) Concentricity (mm)
φd φD t 5 10 20 30 40
D6 CXD--R2510 2.5 -- 1.0 --
D12 CXD--R3215 3.2 -- 1.5 --
D15 CXD--R5225 5.2 -- 2.5 --
D18 CXD--R5235 5.2 -- 3.5 --
D21 CXD--R8040 8.0 -- 4.0 × --
D24 CXD--R9853 9.8 -- 5.3 × --

The self-supported diamond die blank uses high quality PCD material.

The self-supported diamond die blank is packaged in a plastic case/carton.

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