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Tungsten Carbide Supported Die Blank

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Tungsten Carbide Supported Die Blank

Our tungsten carbide supported die blank is manufactured by means of cold press fit design. It is produced by the same principle as the manufacturing of Sumitomo die blank, but its manufacturing technology and the specification of the die blank are different from those of Sumitomo.

1. To guarantee the quality of the PCD material, the PCD has been sintered in advance and has passed various processing and testing. In this way, the structure defects of the PCD material can be avoided.
2. The special design of taper shape makes it easy to distinguish between the inlet and the outlet. The alloy ring can protect the diamond material to enable it to bear larger impact.
3. The large external diameter of the alloy ring can provide enough centripetal bearing force for diamond, as well as enough resisting force against wire drawing. There is no need to sinter metal powder to jacket the wire. This feature can protect the tungsten carbide supported die blank from being damaged by the heat. It can also ensure the quality of the die blank will not be changed by the mounting.

The tungsten carbide supported die blank is used to draw copper wire, aluminum wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless wire and coated steel wire.

Technical Specifications
Specifications of Tungsten Carbide Supported Diamond Die Blank
ADDMA No. Product No. Dimension (mm) Available grain size (μm) Concentricity (mm)
φD φd t 5 10 20 30 40
D15 CXD-TS-R4023 9.5 4.5 2.3 ≤0.2
D18 CXD-TS-R4029 9.5 4.5 2.9 ≤0.2
D21 CXD-TS-R7040 14 7.6 4 ≤0.25
D24 CXD-TS-R7053 14 7.6 5.3 ≤0.25
D27 CXD-TS-R13080 28 13 8 × ≤0.25
D30 CXD-TS-R150120 30 15 11.5 × ≤0.25

The tungsten carbide supported die blank uses high quality PCD material and tungsten alloy.

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