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Rework Service of PDC Cutter

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Rework Service of PDC Cutter

1. The rework service of PDC cutter can save energy, reduce emissions and turn waste into wealth. Waste PDC Cutter occupy capital and pollute the environment. Rework service of PDC cutter can turn the waste into wealth. It not only saves raw material cost for PDC Cutter manufacturer, but also reduces the consumption of valuable metal, water and power.
2. The rework service of PDC cutter features nondestructive testing, so it can avoid the blindness of rework. The C-scanner uses a high precision nondestructive test. It is used to test the combination firmness of the PCD layer and the tungsten carbide layer, the internal structure and stress amboss of the PDC, to scientifically judge the recycle value of the PDC Cutter. W e will arrange the rework technology according too the damaged condition of the PDC Cutter. In this way, the blindness of rework can be avoided.
3. The rework service of PDC cutter can maximize the use ratio. With the comprehensive utilization of various technology, including laser cutting, grinding and polishing and special machine processing technology, we can further increase the use ratio of old PDC oil drill.
4. The rework service will not be affected by the electrical conductivity of PCD material.

Processing Scope
1. Unused PDC Cutter which are out of date.
2. PDC Cutter whose shape is disqualified due to processing errors or transportation, such as with tilt cylinders or damaged edges.
3. PDC Cutter which have been used once underground.

Processing Capacity
We can manufacture 2000 to 3000 pieces of Φ19 PDC Cutter every week. We can increase our processing capacity according to market demand.

The PDC cutter is used for oil, gas and coal drilling bits.

Technical Specifications
Types of Recyclable Raw PDC Cutter and Specifications of Finished PDC Cutter

NO. Recyclable Raw PDC Cutters Common Specifications of Finished PDC Cutters Made Out of Recyclable Raw PDC Cutters
Type Characteristic Specification
1 The shapes of PDC are disqualified due to processing errors or transportation Tilt cylinders or damaged edges Ф19×16t Ф16×16t Ф16×13t Ф13×13t Ф13×8t Ф8×8t
Ф19×13t Ф16×13t Ф13×13t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф8×8t
Ф19×8t Ф16×8t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t
Ф16×10t Ф13×10t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t
Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t Ф8×6t
The large defective PDC cutters are processed into smaller specifications according to customer requirements.
2 "Recycling PDC cutters" are those that have been used once underground. PCD material with damaged edges or surface; Tungsten carbide materials with damaged surface. Ф19×16t Ф16×16t Ф16×13t Ф13×13t Ф13×8t Ф8×8t
Ф19×13t Ф16×13t Ф13×13t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф8×8t
Ф19×8t Ф16×8t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t
Ф16×10t Ф13×10t Ф13×8t Ф12×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t
Ф13×8t Ф10×8t Ф8×8t Ф13×8-R180 Ф13×8-R90
It is possible for used PDC cutters to be made into any required shape, in accordance with the actual damage situation of PDC cutters.

The above is only a short list of standard PDC cutters specifications.  Additional sizes are available upon request.
Supower will make the maximum use of the cutters as per the actual damage of used PDC cutters and the requirements of final size.

The material is high quality PCD and tungsten carbide.

For packaging we use a plastic case/carton

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