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Lapping and Polishing Machine

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Lapping and Polishing Machine

1. Our lapping and polishing machine has the advantages of high efficiency, smooth finish, and good polishing quality.
2. With high precision spindle, infinitely variable speed, pneumatic press and multistage packaging, the lapping and polishing machine can grind and polish the products with high processing quality.

Our lapping and polishing machine is used for the grinding and polishing of diamonds, tungsten carbides, ceramics and gems.

Technical Parameters
Specification of SPG40 Lapping and Polishing Machine
Dimension Electronic Spindle Motor 3-Phase Power Water Pump Work Light Grinding Wheel
Specification ADF170 -2Z/4 DWNEEREN DB-100 JL50D-1 300*75 *50*4(mm)
Quantity 1 3 1 1 1
Voltage 380V 24V 380V 24V ----
Power 4000W 30W 250W 50W ----
Pump Lift ---- ---- 4M ---- ----
Flow Volume ---- ---- 100 L/min ---- ----

The lapping and polishing machine uses electronic spindle, 3-Phase power water pump and diamond grinding wheel.

The lapping and polishing machine is packaged in a wooden box.

We offer 12 hours of on line service.

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